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Website Design:
The business world has changed incredibly with the evolution of the internet. Now, the vast majority of customers look for products, services, and information online. And it comes as no massive surprise that over 90% of shopping experiences start with an online search.

Whereas there are many ways to create an online presence for your business, websites remain central to any digital marketing campaign’s performance.

But adding necessary details about your products and services to your site is not enough to drive the traffic and sales you need to elevate your growth. Enter website design.

Website design impacts how your prospective customers perceive your brand. Roughly 94% of a business’s first impressions are website design-related. And it is not a surprise that 39% of visitors will stop interacting with a website if they find its layout unattractive.

But website design is not all about creating fantastic first impressions for your business. Your website should be visible to your potential customers too! If your website does not feature in Google’s first result page for keywords in your industry, you are undoubtedly losing lots of business. Statistically, the first page results account for a whopping 75% of clicks, while the second page only gets 6% of the clicks.

Cognizant of the above facts, GoMarketing, a leading online marketing agency, is committed to helping brands catapult their revenue growth with top-quality web design services. You get a mobile-friendly, professionally styled, SEO-optimized website that not only matches your preferences and business needs but also inspires visitors to take your desired actions.

Hit us up today at +1 431 726 7262for a website design that drives more qualified leads and revenue for your business. Else, please keep reading to learn how our web design services can help transform your business.

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Why Is Website Design Important for Business?

Any business owner looking to reach new heights cannot afford to underestimate the importance of web design. The following are top benefits you can derive from a business site professionally done by competent and reputable professionals like GoMarketingNation:

Forms the Cornerstone of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Your website is where you often direct users from various online sources, including organic searches and social media. On top of that, an optimized and updated site boosts the performance of your other marketing strategies. For example, it hosts the landing pages for your pay-per-click campaigns. You can still grow your newsletter subscribers by upgrading your site’s usability and using compelling pop-up sign-in forms.

Boosts Your Online Visibility

It is hard for customers to connect with your business if they cannot find your website when searching for products and services like yours online. Included in GoMarketingNation’s web design services are SEO strategies geared towards growing your ranks on Google and other search engines. This helps you reach a broader customer base, and using tested and proven conversion techniques, convert more visitors into leads and customers. Drop us a message here for more visibility, traffic and customers.

Enhance Your Conversions

Again, your web design is not just a pretty face for your business. It should encourage conversions, ranging from users subscribing to your newsletter to leads buying your offerings. Regardless of your goals, GoMarketing can help with top-notch web design services.

Using a superior website design, you can direct your visitors’ eyes where you want them to look. You can highlight call-to-actions, help users find clickable elements quickly, and draw attention to particular offers. These are some of the aspects that help you encourage visitors to takes the actions you want.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Every business has a competitor- and you must stand out from the pack. Keep in mind that your competitors have similar price and service/product ranges. A well-designed website can help you communicate your unique selling proposition (USP) or unique features in a fashion that best resonates with your prospects. That is your ticket to gaining a competitive edge that keeps your business growing.

GoMarketingNation’s Web Design Services

Custom Web Design

Do not settle for template designs and pre-packaged graphics. Our web design agency can help you build a custom site that reflects your preferences and speaks your brand voice. Our experts walk the extra mile to study your business, analyze your audience and perform a thorough competitor benchmarking to build you a unique website that gets you sales.

GoMarketing web design experts also perform site audits to identify an existing website’s current position and formulate a way forward for revamped performance. We examine your site’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to get a robust foundation for improving its user-friendliness and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Get search engines to crawl, index, and rank your web pages without a hassle with SEO-optimized web design services from GoMarketing. Our team optimizes your site structure for users and search engines, audits your domains, check for crawl errors, optimize your site speed, and optimize your website for mobile devices. Other efforts geared towards building your domain authority and visibility on search engines are improving your link building opportunities and optimizing your meta descriptions, alt attributes, and titles.

Web Copywriting

Build your thought leadership and increase credibility for your business with valuable and relevant content optimized for Google and your target audience. GoMarketing brings a team of competent copywriters experienced in creating engaging and customer-content for a plethora of businesses. Content that resonates with your prospects and inspires them to take the next step towards conversion.

ADA Compliant Web Design

Create a website design that offers the best experience possible to everyone, including differently-abled users. Web design specialists at GoMarketing leverage video and audio captioning, color contrast, alt texts for visual content, readable fonts, and logical website features to ensure your site meets all ADA standards for web design.

Website Maintenance

Update your web design with the latest consumer preferences and trends, ensuring it continually offers the best possible user experiences. To keep your site healthy and strengthen your SEO efforts and rankings, our team consistently checks your site’s performance, updates your content management system(CMS), perform website security updates, and update your plugins and integrations.