Painters Marketing for Attracting High-Value Leads

Employing over 351,000 individuals and boasting a $29 billion market size, the painting industry has seen steady growth in the past years. And as the economy recovers from the harsh bites of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing demand for painters from commercial and residential construction is projected to fuel the sector’s revenue growth over the next five years.

Right now, the number one place where customers look for quality painters and painting companies on the web- customers find local contractors, read reviews, and hire contractors whom they believe can offer reliable solutions to their painting needs. Statistically, over 85% of shopping experiences start online. The case is no different for the painting industry.

Putting your business in the right online spaces, you get the opportunity to showcase your brand to a larger audience of prospects. You are not restricted to geographical boundaries. Your only limitations are your dedication, experience, and how much you are willing to invest in painter advertising.

With the right high-converting marketing campaigns and strategies, goMarketing Nation provides digital marketing services for Painting companies to get more clients and service calls for your business

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Grow your business with goMarketing Nation, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Painting company.

Digital Marketing Agency for Painting Contractors

However, digital marketing for painters and painting companies is often not a walk in the park for most business owners. There are so many stones to turn- and you may lack the time and resources to pick, understand, and implement the best marketing technique for your painting services. A painter marketing agency becomes useful here.

But you will want to partner with an online marketing firm that understands your industry and is committed to your success.
A leading online marketing agency for painters, goMarketing Nation can help drive the right customers to your business by leveraging techniques that best communicate your unique selling proposition, service quality, and reputation in a language that appeals to your prospects.

Contact us today at +1 431 726 7262 if you are ready to get started with painter advertising. Else, read on to discover how our digital marketing services for painting companies can help transform your lead and sales growth rate.

Attract More Leads With SEO For Painting Contractors

Grow your business with goMarketing Nation, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Painting Company.

Our Online Marketing Services for Painters

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine optimization(SEO) is an integral part of digital marketing that any painter looking to grow cannot afford to underestimate. According to Google Keyword Planner, monthly searches for the phrase "painter near me" in the US range between 10k and 100k. And there are thousands of other inquiries for house painters near me, painting contractors near me, painting companies near me, and more. Still, over 50% of website traffic originates from organic search. On top of the above, 75% of searchers do not click beyond the first page of organic search results. Therefore, as a competent painter, it is worth investing in SEO. SEO is the umbrella term for all optimization efforts geared towards pushing a website up the ranking ladder. And central to the strategy's success is keywords highly relevant to your industry. goMarketing Nation's SEO specialists can help find long-tail keywords that your audience is searching for and build content around the keywords to attract relevant leads to your website. We also integrate your keywords in strategic places on your website, including web copy, meta descriptions, URLs, and headings, making it easy for Google bots to understand your website and rank it accordingly.

Quality Web Design

At the heart of digital marketing for painters sits a website. But having a website is not enough. You need more than an online brochure to drive more leads and sales your desire. Your website design is responsible for over 91% of your business' first impressions. As such, a beautifully designed, informative, and engaging website is critical for revenue growth. goMarketing Nation's team of web designers and developers can build you an interactive website tailored to your preferences and business needs, and as fantastic as the fresh paint you put on buildings. We collaborate with your team to build navigational elements and source eye-catching images that inspire your visitors to take your desired actions. We also connect your website to social media and create forms where visitors enter their information to keep the conversation flowing until they become paying customers and beyond. Also included in our web design services for painters is ensuring your site loads quickly and is mobile-friendly. Call us today for a quality website that matches your quality painting services

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is a highly controllable advertising channel where you do not pay for ad placement or impressions but purely for clicks on your ads. PPC ads are ranked above organic search results and are an excellent way to target people actively looking for your services and drive more qualified leads to your website. A report reveals that PPC drives 50% more purchases than organic channels. In PPC for painters, you get started with thorough keyword research to build a list of high-intent keywords for your campaigns. Next, you bid for your ads' placements, setting the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click on your ad. You then proceed to pick placement for your ads, which are locations where your ads can appear on Google Display Network or YouTube. Eventually, you launch your campaigns. goMarketing Nation's PPC professionals are experienced in creating digital campaigns that leverage compelling ad copies to drive more leads. Not only that, but we also craft engaging landing pages aligned with your ads and optimized to converts those clicks into sales. Contact us today for PPC plans that get new clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful technique for keeping your business on top of your leads' minds. Additionally, the strategy is incredibly profitable when done right, boasting an impressive ROI of 4200%. The secret to email marketing success is sending the right message to the right people and at the right time. It is crucial to segment your contacts according to their demographics and interests, so you provide best possible value to each contact group. You then follow up with valuable and exciting content relevant to your leads' stage in the buyer's journey. Among the best pieces of information to send to your email contacts include DIY painting tips, customer testimonials, your company offers, and industry trends. Remember:it is unethical to buy email lists. Get started with setting up pop-up or in-line forms to encourage your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletters. At goMarketing Nation, we leverage proven email marketing best practices to nurture your leads into paying customers effectively.

Why Choose goMarketing Nation for Painter Marketing Services?

  • You work with an agency with 15 years of experience in marketing hundreds of home improvement contractors.
  • You get marketing solutions tailored to your unique business needs to maximize lead and revenue growth.
  • You work with a dedicated team committed to building powerful marketing campaigns that capture hot leads and drive sales for your painting business.
  • We treat you as a partner, caring for your business as you do.
  • You receive regular, transparent, and easy-to-understand reports that offer in-depth insights into what we are doing, why we are doing it, and our next course of action.


Grow your business with goMarketing Nation, we will help you get more traffic to reach your target audience and earn more consumers for your Painting company.

Build Powerful Marketing Campaigns for Your Painting Company

Do you want to elevate your online presence and revenues for your painting services? Get started today with goMarketing Nation Inc. We can help you build winning online marketing strategies that consistently drive customers to your doors. Call us today at +1 431 726 7262 for a free quote or more information about our online marketing services for painters and painting companies

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